Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vintage radios and televisions

The first radio broadcast in the world was made in England in 1922. Wireless preceded it but was used mainly for military purposes. By the early 1920s, crystal sets were the commonest receivers, used in the home by enthusiasts who spent long hours making and operating them. valve sets developed alongside them and by the 1930s, the radio was cased in wood or bakelite.

American Sentinel radio 284 NI, 1945, GBP 800 - 1500

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Antique clock dials and hands

By 1730, enamel dials were common on English pocket watches. There were sometimes produced in the 1780s for longcase clocks, but are very rare. More common are painted enamel dials on longcase and bracket clocks, fitted to high quality pieces. Enamel sections are most frequently found on French clocks. Often the dials are gilt, with the numerals set against enamel reserves. Enamel dials are extremely prone to cracking and chipping, so examine examples very carefully. Hairline cracks are often camouflaged by bleaching but you should be able to spot the differences in colour. Cracking crates a cobweb effect over the dial and if you come across this, the price should reflect the damage that has occurred.

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