Friday, November 25, 2011

The object of the day: A Charles II stump work mirror

A Charles II stump work mirror 
(England c. 1680)

62.00cm wide (24.41 inches)
75.00cm high (29.53 inches)
6.00cm deep (2.36 inches)

Description / Expertise
A fine quality late 17th century stump work mirror, having an 18th century replaced mirror plate with silver thread braid trimming within a brightly coloured stump work border with arched top worked in silk, wool and coloured glass beads on a cream coloured background depicting a seated lady, most probably Queen Catherine of Braganza, at the top, flanked by birds and flower motif with female figures Faith and Hope either side, and a garden at the bottom, again with the queen in the centre, having a seated lion and leopard in each corner, all within a conformingly shaped rope twist silvered frame with later extension in depth and later protective glass insert.

Note: Some of the stump work unfinished.

Private Collection, USA.

Price: £50,000 +

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