Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Object of the day: 19th century Chinese export nodding figures

Chinese Export Nodding Figures (China c. 1800)
External Dimensions: 10.50 inch framed height (26.67 cm)

Description / Expertise: Three painted pottery figures, Chinese export circa 1800, the two larger being examples of nodding figures. The nodding figures measure 11.5 inches high and 10.5 inches high, the third figure stands 9.5 inches high.

Nodding-head figures were imported into England, Europe and America from Canton in large numbers from the 1780's. The great interest in these figures in England is derived in large part from the personal tastes of the Prince of Wales as Regent culminating in the Oriental interior achieved at The Brighton Pavilion in 1802. For a pair of nodding figures similar to these see Christies sale No. 7899, Régence to Fabergé. An Apartment by Jed Johnson. 20 May 2010. London, King Street, and an acompanying account of these figures in the European interior.

Price: £3950.00

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  1. looking for the chinese nodding head figures, can you help


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