Sunday, June 9, 2013

Antique glass epergne

The epergne is a table centrepiece, which may have a large central bowl or dish, and a series of smaller bowls suspended from a central stem or branches, with the smaller bowls used to display sweetmeats. Some of the grander examples were made in silver, but epergnes were also made in ceramic and glass. The name came probably from the French "├ępargne" meaning "saving", the idea being that dinner guests were saved the trouble of passing dishes. In traditional use, an epergne is a fancy way to display side dishes, fruit, or sweetmeats, or can be used for chips, dips, or other finger foods etc.
An epergne generally has a large central "bowl" or basket sitting on three to five feet. From this center "bowl" radiate branches supporting small baskets, dishes, or candleholders. There may be between two and seven branches. Epergnes were traditionally made from silver, however from around the start of the 20th century glass was also employed.

Antique Bohemian Cranberry Glass and Bronze Epergne
Stunning antique rare Bohemian cranberry glass epergne. Exquisitely crafted with gilded bronze floral scrolled framing. Each flute is finely painted with a gilt design depicting flowers. 19th century. Measures 22 1/2" height x 15 1/2" width (57.1cm x 39.3cm). Pre-Sale estimate $2000-$3000.

Victorian art glass epergne, circa 1880. Having two trumpets with ruffled edges and rigaree surmounting a ruffled rim bowl. Executed in blue, turquoise opalescent, and clear green glass with ribbon edges. 14"h x 9.25"dia.

Victorian art glass epergne, circa 1880. Three trumpets executed in opalescent to cranberry glass surmounting a green opalescent bowl with clear green ruffled ribbon rim. Removable trumpets. 12"h x 9"dia.

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  1. the top large epergne with the baskets,canes and flutes is a reproduction most likely from the UK Horncastle studios does great work.. like this.. he uses the period fittings but the round bubbles on the bottom on the baskets are the first difference between period and reproduction.. still a stunning a piece of work!!!!!!


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