Monday, September 23, 2013

Kovsch: Antique Russian ladle

Kovsch is Russian drinking ladle with boat-shaped body and short flat handle, it may be shaped like a water bird or a Viking ship. Made from Middle Ages to the end of the 17th century in silver. base metal or wood. Originally the Kovsh made from wood and used to serve and drink mead, with specimens excavated from as early as the tenth century. Generally made in sets: smaller one engrave with Imperial eagle and name of the owner; larger used only on ceremonial occasions and passed among guests.

A Russian silver gilt and enamel kovsch maker's mark Fedor Ruckert, Moscow, 1908 - 1917 of typical form, decorated in colours with stylised geometric, foliate and floriate designs, impressed marks to base. Length 16 cm.
After c. 1650, awarded for services rendered to state. Revived in 19th century, usually for decorative purposes; richly ornamented with enamels.

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