Saturday, May 25, 2013

The object of the day: Prattware figure of a Griffin, c. 1790

Antique English pottery Prattware figure of a Griffin, c 1790, England
F & R Pratt, also known as Prattware and Pratt Ware (c.1780-1840)Medium
Dimensions 10.50 inch high (26.67 cm high)
Description / Expertise English pottery figure of a griffin (half lion half eagle).The figure is well colored in the typical Prattware palette. The head of the griffin sports a candle holder which adds a rather bizarre and comical twist to the piece. Antique English pottery period c1790.

Such a strange combination to have a classical figure "the Griffin" modelled with a candleholder stuck on tops of its head. It is really a unique example of the English pottery art. Produced with serious intent but seen today for its true purpose as a stunning work of folk art.
This piece was profiled in one of the late Jonathan Horne Exhibitions in Kensington London, this gives the piece an extra value as Jonathan was such a master and character in the English pottery field.
It is probable that this piece would have been one of a pair, if this is so where is the mate, does it still exist or was it broken many years ago? The Prattware Griffin is a rare and unrecorded example of English pottery so

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