Sunday, May 19, 2013

The object of the day: A Royal Doulton Piscatorial plate

A rare, finely painted Royal Doulton cabinet plate depicting a pair of Salmon among water weed within a fine gilt rim band, with a further gilt band to the base rim.

Artwork Signed C.Holloway and bearing Robert Allen studio marks for c1927.
Auction Estimate Sept. 2009: 150 to 200 (GBP)

In 1901, the popularity of Doulton products came to the attention of the Royal family and the Burslem factory was granted the Royal Warrant by King Edward VII. The business adopted bold new markings and the new name of Royal Doulton.

1973 saw the birth of The Bradford Exchange and the beginning of a huge world market in collectors plates. However, these are mostly massive production runs, only limited to however many plates a manufacturer can produce in a limited number of firing days. It will take quite a few years for this type of collectors plate to rival the quality and beauty of the true antique collectors plates.

Royal Doulton has been producing top quality products for a very long time and has employed, trained and developed some of the best British ceramic artists ever seen.
It all started with a factory at Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London, as a partnership between John Doulton, Martha Jones and John Watts.

The business initially specialised in making stoneware and produced decorative bottles and salt glazed sewer pipes before expanding production and producing superb pottery, porcelain, stoneware and china ceramics.

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