Friday, December 9, 2011

Adolphe Jacobs, "Vaches au Paturage"

Artist: Adolphe Jacobs
Title: Vaches au Paturage
Medium: Oil on Canvas 40" x 50"

Adolphe Louis Eugene Jacobs was born in Schaerbeek (Brussels), Belgium in 1859. He was a painter of landscapes with cattle and livestock, animals, genre scenes and interior scenes. He was the brother of the marine artist, Louis Jacobs.
Jacobs exhibited extensively starting in 1887 through 1914 in Brussels, Belgium and Munich, Germany.
He participated in the "l'Exposition Triennale d'Anvers" (Antwerp, 1898) and "l'Exposition des Beaux-Arts de Spa" (Spa, 1914). Jacobs was also part of the "Salon du Cercle Artistique of Tournai" and in 1910, exhibited three major paintings as well as exhibiting in the Tournai Salon in 1908. Adolphe Louis Eugene Jacobs died in Ixelles (Brussels) in 1940.
Today, his works can be found in private and public collections including in the Museum of Arts of Namur, Belgium.

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