Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade stamp album pages

Many stamp collectors design their own stamp collection pages. These pages can be hand-drawn/written, or designed with a computer software program (Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, etc.). You will want to use acid-free paper so that the pages do not eventually discolor- the chemical change that causes this can affect stamps as well.

 Except for cheaper quality papers (such as cheap copy paper and newsprint paper), most papers manufactured today are acid-free. Heavy weight paper will yield a nicer and more durable album page: examples are Wausau Premium Card Stock (65 lb.), Wausau Exact Bristol (67 lb.), and Wausau Exact Index (110 lb.). These and similar good quality papers are available in a variety of colors at office supply stores (such as Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples).

Your album pages can either be hole-punched or inserted into clear sheet protectors (with 3-ring holes in the margin); add a nice binder and you are all set.

Attractive and high quality papers can also be found at Scrapbooking stores and many general craft stores. In fact, a scrapbooking album would serve well as an album for displaying your stamp collectibles (perhaps together with your other paper collectibles or artwork).

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