Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small Antique tables

Most of the myriad types of small table date from the 18th century or later. Before this, side-tables were mainly general purpose and often rectangular in shape. As fashionable society became increasingly sophisticated, furniture became more varied and elegant and a wide range of small tables designed for specific purposes, such as tea-drinking, card playing r sewing, were made.

Antique Welsh pine side-table, c1840
Nowadays these can be just as useful for putting the telephone on as for their original function. Small table fit easily into most modern homes so they have remained very sought after. Pairs are always especially desirable.

What to look for?

The decoration on better quality tables can add greatly to their value - the most desirable features are:
  • carved decoration on legs and feet
  • tops decorated with elaborate inlay made from differently coloured woods or specimen stones
  • painted decoration - popular in the late 18th century and the Edwardian period
  • gilt metal mounts
  • lacquer or japanning
Tripod tables 

The piece below is a Victorian antique occasional table the circular flame mahogany top with fantastic patina above a scalloped apron, raised on a fine quality mahogany turned column support raise up on three swept legs.

Height 29 Inches
Width 19 Inches
Depth 19 Inches

Date c1870

Card tables

George III mahogany card table, octagonal form when open and lined with green baize. Fitted with single drawer and original brass drop handle raised on slender tapering legs and brass castors.

Height 29” (74cm)
Width 37” (94cm)
Depth 18.5” (47cm)

Date c1790

Work tables

Very attractive, late Victorian oak work table/ card table having fold over top with moulded edge, single drawer with original brass handles and work box below, standing on turned, reeded legs terminating in castors.

Height 29" 
Width 24"
Depth 16"
Date c1890

Sofa tables

Regency pedestal sofa table, lovely small poportions. Figured mahogany top inlaid with ebony line above a single drawer on turned pedestal and four outswept legs also inlaid with ebony and teminating with toe castors.

Height 28” (71cm)
Width 48” (122cm)
Depth 27” (69cm)

Date c1820

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