Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are antique experts born or made?

There is a saying that all of us are born equal. This is true to the degree that in every person there are usually inherent qualities necessary for advancement - undeveloped ability along one field or another. In certain cases that ability may exist only in a sleeping state, awaiting development, ready to be woken up.

History shows us that the qualities needed for success in a certain field are often developed. Some of the strongest men in the world were born weak. Some of our greatest thinkers and writers were labeled illiterate in their youth. Some of our leading artists were called failures at first. 

It is a fact, of course, that some in the field of antiques enjoy a greater success than others, but this is not necessarily because they were born better equipped for their vocation. Very often this is because, with patience and hard work, they have developed their talents to a greater degree of proficiency, which has brought them the richer rewards. 

It is quite probable that most antique experts had in the beginning no special inclination toward their chosen fields or had shown no particular fitness for this work, except a love for antiques. However, they evidently believed that no one has a predetermined capacity for success. Each one felt, undoubtedly that they had some latent or hidden talent which could be developed. So they took up their training with a seriousness of purpose, a desire to learn, and a determination to achieve their goals.

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